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iPhone 4S

Apple took the best phone the world has ever seen and improved every single aspect. That's not a hyperbole either - it's a fact. To see a list of the new stuff in the iPhone 4 revisit my predictions from this morning, since they were spot on. Make no mistake, this is the best phone in the world. Watch the official video on to see the top new features.

With that said, I can completely understand that people wanted a new looking phone. That did not happen, Apple stuck with the iPhone 4 design. Seeing as the iPhone 3GS followed the iPhone 3G, this does seem to start a precedent that an "S" model with be every other year.

Pre-orders: Oct 7th.
iOS 5 software release: Oct 12th.
iPhone 4S release: Oct 14th.

I'll gather all the details and be sure to let you know how and when to pre-order.