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What's the best _____?

That's got to be one of the most common Google search phrases.  I search it all the time.  When I need a new printer, I just Google "What's the best printer", read reviews for 30 minutes and make my choice.  In fact, this site was originally planned to tell you the results of such studies and direct you towards "the best ____".  I no longer have to do that, because the infamous Brian Lam has done it for me.  Brian was the editor of Gizmodo for 5 years before retiring and briefly disappearing to work on his other passion, the ocean.  

He's back with a site that's different than anything before.  They don't have daily posts to drive up traffic, multiple editors fighting for attention, or worries about revenue. is just a list of amazing gadgets.  You don't have to check in every single day to make sure you know what the new hot gadget is, and they don't write headlines that stretch the truth to get your attention (I'm looking directly at you Jesus Diaz).  Besides knowing his intentions are good, I can look at the site and see at least 5 items I own, just in this picture below I have the printer, razor, and GPS watch.

I'm so glad someone has finally made this site.  But I'm even more glad it's Brian.  I'll never have to worry if it's up to date and I'll never have to worry about his ethics.  Thanks Brian.